Tantric Experience

Your concience has brought you here

The body is our Sacred Temple, touching it is more than an act.

Who I am?

Born and raised in Brazil, I believe my spiritual journey started at 3rd grade when the teacher spoke about the big bang and my 1st question was – “How can there be two completely different versions for the creation of life on planet Earth?”


And since then the questions about life never stopped.
I’m forever curious about everything related to body, mind and soul.
Or better saying, I love the holistic universe because I understood that we are holistic. We are daedal!


I studied theater, dance, circus, yoga.
I obtained my reiki certificate in 2007.
And this year, 2023, i decided to become a certified tantra healer after 10 years of practice.

My mission

I believe that each of us has two important duties here.
The first is to heal and evolve as a spirit and the second duty, as part of our spiritual evolution, is to share and help each other on our journey.
I heard this call a long time ago and that is why I started my path through the arts and now I am expanding my responsibilities to help others.
One important thing I would like to share with you is that healers also need to heal themselves.
When we heal others, we also heal ourselves.

"As above, so below"

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra is a practical method, based on experience, devotion and rituals.

Benefits of tantra massage

Tantric Massage utilizes powerful forms of energy it has the ability to touch you far beyond just the physical body (even though initially it starts there)…

How to book me

My safety is your safety.

I work in a private space (not in storefronts). So just as you wouldn’t invite unknown strangers into your private home who have not been vetted or have an online presence, we don’t do that either.

  • I screen in order to provide a safe sanctuary for you to relax and leave the worries of the world behind.
  • I create an optimal and peaceful environment for a true tantric experience and transformation.
  • I do not accept all applicants. Just as we choose our practitioners with discernment, I choose my clients with great discernment. *

Business hours are from 11am to 8pm Monday to Saturday


My sacred temple is located in a quiet neighborhood near Downtown Miami. Address will be send after the appointment is confirmed. There’s available shower. Street parking isn’t an issue here.

*This information is not stored or retained, after your first visit you establish a nickname, which is all that we hold on to (along with partial phone number digits, so we know when you call again that you are truly that person).